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Slideshow from a March 13, 2001 Second Saturday Exploration of the Enneagram Presented by Dr. Belinda Gore

March 14 @ 7:00 am - March 28 @ 11:30 pm EDT

THOUGH THE DATE FOR THIS PROGRAM HAS PASSED (IT WAS SATURDAY MARCH 13), DR. BELINDA GORE IS MAKING AVAILABLE FOR A TIME, THE POWERPOINT SLIDES OF HER PRESENTATION: A Second Saturday Exploration of the Enneagram – scroll to the end of the following descriptive information to access the slideshow.

You may visit the Enneagram Institute web site (https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/) where you can take a questionnaire for $12.  You will get pages of information when the results are returned to you by the Institute (almost immediately).

What is the Enneagram? The Enneagram is a map of personality types and a dynamic description of how personality develops. The name, Enneagram, has its origin in the Greek words “ennea” related to nine and gram meaning “a model.” The Enneagram symbol is a circle with nine equidistant points around the circumference.  These points identify nine personality type structures that are archetypal, relevant to all people. Dr. Gore discussed the enneagram types as nine ways of balancing the three Centers of Intelligence from Gurdjieff’s teaching: the Belly or Moving Center, the Heart or Feeling Center, and the Head or Thinking Center.

Belinda’s focus is teaching and guiding practices for living the awakened life.  In coaching, workshops, and yearlong trainings her work brings together the Enneagram, the practice of Presence, Ancient Ritual Postures, and art as an expression of the personal and collective spiritual journey. Belinda is an inspired teacher as well as a psychologist, a coach, and an artist.  The basis of her spiritual teaching is a practice that uses ancient ritual postures from the artwork of indigenous people around the world to access the world of spirit.  It is the subject of two of her books and much of her art.  She is also an expert in the Enneagram, teaching workshops internationally and virtual courses online.   Her area of special interest is the development of personality through relationships as understood through Object Relations theory.  Belinda is also a partner and senior faculty with The Deep Coaching Institute, a coaching school that trains coaches to use the Enneagram and a methodology based on somatic awareness and deep acceptance.  The Deep Coaching approach guides clients in becoming more present and thereby experiencing Presence, the basis of the awakened life.

Belinda Gore Enneagram Slides



March 14 @ 7:00 am
March 28 @ 11:30 pm