The C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio
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JACO’s stated purpose is provide educational opportunities for personal growth and development based on the writings, teachings, and insights of Carl Gustav Jung and various post-Jungians. We offer educational and experiential programs to those who are seeking meaning, integration and wholeness. These programs emphasize Jung’s individuation process and the relationship of this journey to the community and the world.

A gathering place, a study center, an art gallery, a library, a bookstore...

Located at 59 West Third Avenue in Columbus' Short North District, JungHaus is open 11 am to 2 pm Tuesday thru Saturday, or by appointment. Please call 614.291.8050 to be sure a volunteer is here to greet you.


With over 200 members, JACO is operated primarily by a dedicated staff of volunteers. Director Gina Peacock works with the volunteers to keep JACO open usually from 11-2 Tuesday through Saturday. Always call before coming to be sure a volunteer is on duty. A wide variety of programs, lectures and workshops are offered during each year's three program segments.

The JungHaus bookstore serves the local Jungian community with both classic and newer Jungian, post-Jungian, and related titles. JACO members may purchase books at a 10% discount, and may order books.

Thanks to member donations, shelves in the JungHaus library/reading room contain a number of books, journals, magazines, CDs and tapes of interest to Jungians. Use of the Library is a Members' Benefit; items may be borrowed for four weeks. The complete set of Jung’s Collected Works and other uncommon books are available in the reference section.

Programs are described in brochures and flyers mailed to members. An informational packet is sent to those requesting JACO materials. Some programs have limited registrations; JACO members are given first priority, and membership also provides a discount on most programs.

The Gallery at JungHaus features primarily local artists who are creating work that reveals their journeys of individuation. Each exhibit is for a two month period. Resumes and slides from interested artists can be sent to Claire Hagan Bauza at the JungHaus address. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of slides.

Please note that parking is available along the north side of Third Avenue; on Starr, one block south; and in the Victorian Village Health Center lot, where Third Avenue ends, but not in restricted areas.


The Bollingen Fund
The Bollingen Fund was named after the "confession of faith in stone," as Jung called his tower - the house he built for himself with his own hands at Bollingen. Over the years, as he would begin to feel that the house was incomplete, he would add rooms and courtyards and even an upper story. Bollingen was always the place where Jung said he felt most deeply himself. As you may know, a generous anonymous donation has given JACO the opportunity to create an endowment fund. The originator of this fund contributed generously, matching 50 percent of the money donated by our members and friends in the community. This original phase is now over. We are deeply grateful to our original donor, who had the foresight to plan for JACO's continuing wellbeing, and to all who responded to the call for donations. We still welcome donations to the Bollingen Fund, which will help ensure JACO's continued survival over the years ahead. Your donation is tax deductible, so you may give to JACO and know you are helping the JACO community survive well into the 21st century. Please clearly mark donations to the Bollingen Fund and send them to JACO, 59 West Third Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201.


Janice Bachman
Rich Bates
Kathy Cleveland Bull
Kathleen Fowler
John Hume
Virginia Macali
Linda Meadows
Michael Schaefer
John Schuster
Stephen Weed
Ann Whelon
Jay Young

Chair, John Hume
Vice-Chair, Linda Meadows
Secretary, Kathleen Fowler
Treasurer, Jay Young
At Large, Rich Bates

Dawn Costin

The C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio was founded as a non-profit organization in October 1989, under the laws of the State of Ohio.




  • BASIC MEMBERSHIP Supports the ongoing efforts of JACO and provides access to all of the resources of JACO at a reduced cost. Special Members Events and Programs are part of this level of membership.

    Annual Dues:
    $50 Individual/ $75 Couple
    $25 Student (full-time)

    Privileges and Benefits:
    Guaranteed discount of 10% on all books and tape purchases; book ordering assistance; mailings of all program brochures and flyers; free subscription to JACO's newsletter; Discounts for some programs and workshops, plus free CEUs.
  • SUSTAINING MEMBERSHIP Indicates a deep, ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of JACO in the Columbus community. Sustaining Members realize the mission of JACO and want to be a partner in realizing the goals and purposes. The Sustaining Membership includes all of the privileges and benefits of Basic Membership but goes beyond these to include special Sustaining member events such as dinners, meetings with JACO leaders, and programs with prominent Jungians combining interesting learning experiences with relaxed social gatherings.

    Annual Cost:
    $125 Individual/ $200 Couple

    Privileges and Benefits:
    All those of Basic Membership; tax deduction of amount over Basic Membership; invitations to Sustaining Member events.
  • PATRON MEMBERSHIP Indicates a generous and vital relationship that recognizes JACO’s importance to the community as well as to the patron's own journey of individuation. The Patron Membership includes all of the privileges and benefits of Basic Membership, with additional benefits. Events and programs designed especially for Patrons will offer opportunities to develop connections within the JACO community while deepening understanding of Jungian thought.

    Annual Cost:
    $300 Individual/ $420 Couple.

    Privileges and Benefits:
    All under Basic and Sustaining Memberships. Tax deduction of amount over Basic Membership. Invitations to Special Patron Events.