Second Saturdays

September 8

Leigh Randolph “Dreams as a Path to the Heart”
October 13

Stephen T. Weed, JACO member, introduces John Beebe’s work on cultural attitudes and Jungian functions. Discover how different cultural attitudes open us to a deeper awareness of otherness and our own relationship to the culture around us.

November 10

Kathleen Davies “Healing Encounters with Living Symbols”
JACO member Professor Davies will share how a Victorian cemetery became a living symbol that propelled her to follow a heroine’s journey to personal transformation.

December 8

Professor Steve McGuire, long-time JACO member, will look at myths off our radar, from written reports on oral traditions going back thousands of years – hero stories, creation tales, trickster myths and totems. We’ll also process myth in the fashion of Claude Levi-Strauss, who generated algebraic binaries like raw (animal) vs. cooked (human).