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Monsters of the Unconscious

Presented by Carolyn Bates, PhD, Jungian Analyst
April 13th 7-9pm and 14th 9am-1:15pm
Columbus Mennonite Church - 35 Oakland Park Avenue
Columbus OH, 43214

The current discontent in our culture carries ripe opportunities for fantasies of the Apocalypse. The ground of long-known security has cracked beneath us, foundations have shifted, and “monsters” rush towards us, not content to slumber. Jung said we meet "monsters" such as these at key moments of our psychological growth, bringing us vital messages and warnings about the psychological status quo. What messages could the monsters be bringing us?

Friday, April 13 - Lecture, 7p - 9p
We have met the Apocalypse, and It is US

Jung reminds us that at moments when we cannot believe what is upon us, we have the chance to examine the meaning of a monster’s appearance on the scene. When the monster of the apocalypse appears – in our individual, family, work, and cultural psyche—what messages might it be bringing? Can it be understood in a way that renders it less frightening? If we sit and dialogue with the marauding wolf at the door, can reconciliation come? Is some part of ourselves mirrored in the monster, shedding light on our next step of individuation?

Saturday, April 14 - Workshop, 9a - 1:15p
Meeting the Monster Under the Bed: archetypal expressions
of the ‘other’ reflected in film, dreams, and culture

The dark creatures that haunt the imaginations of children, the threatening strangers, terrifying killers, and vicious animals that move through the dreams of adults, the terrors encountered in agedness—we fear and avoid our monsters. These images appear terrifying because they represent a fundamental otherness within us, something tapping at the windows of our consciousness, pressing to be integrated so our psychological development may proceed.

Using lecture, film clips, and group discussion, we will explore how these images and experiences present valuable opportunities for individuation. We will discuss experiences of the “monstrous” in our lives and draw on historical examples of monstrosity to clarify the tasks at hand when encountering it in our personal lives, and in the collective.

Carolyn Bates, PhD is a psychologist and diplomate Jungian analyst who lives and practices in Austin, TX. She is President of the Texas Seminar of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts training institute.

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