To become a member or to renew your membership we warmly invite you to select a membership level from the categories below, which are Basic, Sustaining, and Patron. Thank you for your kind support. The following is an overview of membership beneits, though each category includes benefits details. Benefits include:

  • Discounts on program registration and CEUs
  • Use of our extensive library
  • Access to a beautiful, peaceful and spacious oasis of regeneration and inspiration
  • The stimulating companionship of other members
  • A newsletter and flyers to keep you informed of our programs and special events.

Supports the ongoing efforts of JACO and provides access to all of the resources of JACO at a reduced cost. Special Members Events and Programs are part of this level of membership.

Annual Dues:
$50 Individual/ $75 Couple
$25 Student (full-time)

Privileges and Benefits:
Discounts for programs and workshops, and CEUs.


Indicates a deep, ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of JACO in the Columbus community. Sustaining Members realize the mission of JACO and want to be a partner in realizing the goals and purposes. The Sustaining Membership includes all of the privileges and benefits of Basic Membership but goes beyond these to include special Sustaining member events such as dinners, meetings with JACO leaders, and programs with prominent Jungians combining interesting learning experiences with relaxed social gatherings.

Annual Cost:
$125 Individual/ $200 Couple

Privileges and Benefits:
All those of Basic Membership; tax deduction of amount over Basic Membership; invitations to Sustaining Member events.


Indicates a generous and vital relationship that recognizes JACO’s importance to the community as well as to the patron’s own journey of individuation. The Patron Membership includes all of the privileges and benefits of Basic Membership, with additional benefits. Events and programs designed especially for Patrons will offer opportunities to develop connections within the JACO community while deepening understanding of Jungian thought.

Annual Cost:
$300 Individual/ $420 Couple.

Privileges and Benefits:
All under Basic and Sustaining Memberships. Tax deduction of amount over Basic Membership. Invitations to Special Patron Events.

We encourage you to contact us at JungHaus at 614.291.8050 if you have any questions or would like further information about JACO. We look forward to talking with you!

Alissa Ohashi, Office Manager