Programs, Discussions and Conversations

Valuing, affirming, and responding to questions about our individual meaning and purpose in life.  Discovering the deeper, collective patterns that develop within society and culture and how they affect the individual self.

35 Years of Transformation and Strength!

From its first public event in the dark basement of a local church on a snowy December afternoon, the C.G. Jung Association of Central Ohio has grown to become a touchpoint for clinical professionals and community members seeking to explore their individual meaning and purpose in life and the deeper collective patterns that develop within society and culture. Thirty-five years on, we remain committed to that mission and to celebrating our individual journeys and our collective strength.

In the Tarot World, 2024 is the Year of Strength. Strength is Key VIII of the Major Arcana. Numerologically, 2024 is 2+0+2+4=8. The Strength card speaks not only to our physical strength, but to our inner strength and to the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacle.  

In today’s world, and with the past challenge of Covid, reaching 35 years is no small accomplishment. We thank all of you – our earliest visionaries, founders, past and present board members, volunteers, program participants, donors, and valued members. Your support has brought us to this historic moment.

We have some exciting events planned for our anniversary so stay tuned. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!