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Moving Toward the Transcendent – Artist Jim Slouffman – Virtual Exhibit
The Unconscious Revealed – A Virtual Art Exhibit Featuring Artist and Art Therapist Maggi Colwell


Soul Collage Virtual Art Exhibit Featuring JACO Members


Can You Find It In Columbus? Paintings by Ellen Kandoian Sweeney

Jung Haus with White Squirrel from 2020 Exhibit


Liminality – artist Kyla Zoe Rafert

I see my current work as the truth bent to perfection. Set within a meticulously designed world of vanity, beauty, and abundant pattern, recent works evoke a carefully crafted stage rather than the happenstance of real life. Echoing fairy tales and Dutch genre paintings of the 17th century, my paintings illustrate adolescent girls and young women

in scenes that play on Romantic notions such as the peril of curiosity, the potency of beauty, and the inevitable fall of innocence.  Despite their childlike references however, these works are meant to embody the prophetic perspective of an adult   looking backward to an overly romanticized, fictive past. As an adult, one can look   longingly at this world of innocence, and whether it existed or not, they have   always fallen from it: they have traded their naiveté for the role of a diviner.

The Primordial Language of Red – Paintings by Donna Alena Hrabcakova – Original language, primordial symbols and vivid colors express a new form of communication with healing.

The predominant color of red in her paintings – every variation and every hue –represents the life, death and rebirth that Donna experienced following several intimate losses during a short period of time. Donna’s work as an art therapist on Indian Reservations and in hospice centers, as well as her Slovakian heritage, significantly influences The Primordial Language of Red.  Donna has been exhibiting fine art since the 1990s, currently in Columbus and Chicago, and is a practicing art therapist.

Paths that Lead up the Road, Around the Corner or Tempt to Linger for a WhilePaintings by Evelyn Burke


2017 – 2013

2012 – 2008

2007 – 2002


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