The mission of the C.G. (Carl Gustav) Jung Association of Central Ohio is to provide resources within a supportive community to help individuals creatively explore the unconscious and the energies that move through each of us. The self-knowledge we gain through this exploration leads not only to the discovery and appreciation of our individual meaning and purpose in life, but the deeper, collective patterns that develop within culture as well. Movement toward integration and wholeness, and a personal connection with spiritual energy is the core of Jungian philosophy and analytical psychology.

JungHaus, our headquarters at 1320 Cambridge Blvd, Columbus Ohio 43212, is a place for reconnecting our inner and outer lives. It is a center for studying the mind and spirit, for creating and displaying art and for attending programs that inform, uplift, heal, and bring focus to life. These programs are presented by scholars, artists, healers and teachers from central Ohio and from all over the world. Our members include educators, ministers, artists, therapists, counselors, business people, students, medical practitioners, and many others seeking a deeper understanding.