Jung Association Gallery

Claire is one of JACO’s founders and established the art gallery at the very start of its creation. She has always been and still is a beloved guiding star.

Claire Hagan-Bauza has thought of herself as an artist since childhood.  In her formative years, she graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BFA; she also obtained two art-related master’s degrees at Ohio State University. She spent many years as an art teacher, teaching at all grade levels; her final years of teaching were at a special high school for the arts (Fort Hayes, in Columbus). Claire also served as curator for the art gallery at Fort Hayes, as well as curator for the gallery at JungHaus. She co-authored a book on the use of clay as a tool for learning.  Photo from 2009 Short North Gazette article             

After retiring from teaching, Claire, along with Anne Cushman, started the Phoenix Rising  Printmaking Cooperative, a creative space for local printmakers over the years. Claire has worked with and exhibited many different media, including many years of doing watercolor, oils and prints. Sadly, osteoarthritis, a stroke, and other health issues have meant that she can no longer make art as before. 

Please enjoy this virtual exhibit in recognition of Claire’s considerable artistic gifts. The selections in this exhibit are works Claire produced from 1957 to 2010. 

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The Jung Association Gallery features artists whose work reveals their journeys of individuation. 

Thank you for your interest in our gallery. To receive information about upcoming exhibits and workshops/artist talks, please send your name and email to jungaco@jungcentralohio.org

If you are interested in exhibiting at the Jung Association Gallery, please contact us at 614-291-8050, to leave your name/contact info.


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